ADAM ET ROPE' with Harumi Sato - 2023 Spring / Summer Rirancha Collection

Set up ¥19,910 CHECK




今や主流となったメンズウィメンズの垣根を越えたボーダーレスなスタイルやアイテムの数々。今季アダム エ ロペオムでは機能素材「RIRANCHA」のセットアップコレクションを、豊富なカラー/サイズでご用意。


Set up ¥12,540 CHECK

Shirt ¥13,530 CHECK

With a boxy silhouette that gives you plenty of room and a length that is not too long, it will look great on any type of body.

Set up ¥12,540 CHECK

Shirt ¥17,600 CHECK

It was very hot that day, but the park in Ome was filled with a pleasant breeze and soothing negative ions, so the shooting went smoothly.

Set up ¥12,540 CHECK

Set up ¥19,910 CHECK

Set up ¥12,540 CHECK

Skirt ¥19,800 CHECK

Collarless cardigan jacket that ADAM ET ROPÉ is most loved by customers.It has a moderate looseness that is not too pretentious, and the size
is not too thin. An excellent item that comes in handy not only as a set with slacks, but also as a single jacket or slacks.

Uses RIRANCHA fabric that achieves elegance, high-performance materials, and environmental consideration. The ultimate set-up to keep you cool and sweat even if you stay still.

With a boxy silhoette that gives you plenty of room and a length that is not too long, it will look great on any type of body. The bottoms are also easy slacks with a beautiful silhouette, and the ankle length is set to cover the ankle, so you can wear them with leather shoes, sneakers, sandals, or slip-ons.

Set up ¥12,540 CHECK

Jacket ¥20,900 CHECK

Set up ¥12,540 CHECK

Shirt ¥13,530 CHECK

A layered style that attracts you with the overlapping of shirts and shirts. Match it with a shirt of the same color and hang it over your shoulders without putting the sleeves on the outside shirt for a modern look.

The natural light shining on her provided just the
right amount of shading and a nice atmosphere.

Set up ¥19,910 CHECK

Pullover ¥4,950 CHECK

ADAM ET ROPÉ with Harumi Sato

It is Toray's functional material "RIRANCHA", which is a staple of spring and summer ADAM ET ROPÉ.

Since last year, we have continued to use sustainable recycled polyester as raw materials.Made from raw materials derived from PET bottles collected in Southeast Asia, it has been thoroughly washed and crushed, so you can wear it without changing the texture compared to existing items.

In addition, since it is made of 100% polyester, it is a circular design product that can be reborn as clothes and other polyester-derived products if you wear it down and collect it.

The characteristics of the fabric are the dry and crisp feel of the strong twisted yarn, and the characteristics of the yarn, such as water absorption and quick drying andcool touch, as well as lightness, wrinkle-free, easy care, and elasticity. is a versatile material.

Thick and thin (filament thick = thick, thin = thin) thread is used to express TOP tone. Although it is made of 100% polyester, it features a deep color rather than a so-called synthetic fiber.

Staff Credit

Photographer _ John Clayton Lee〈home agency〉
Fashion Editor / Stylist _ Marie Higuchi〈home agency〉
Hair Stylist _ Keiko Tada〈mod’s hair agency〉
Makeup Artist _ Suzuki
Model _ Harumi Sato〈LDH〉
Art Director _ Hayato Hirohara