2023 AUTUMN & WINTER COLLECTION Starring Shizuka Ishibashi title_part of all

Listening to the sound of the wind.
The fragrance of the plants and trees invites you and the coolness of the water is soothing.

The many natures that exist on the earth are so magnificent and beautiful. In many aspects of our lives it shows us fear, abundance, healing and fragility.

Poetry of Nature
It is the word that I cherish most in my daily life.

The inspiration I receive from the great nature leads to the universal values of the self.

Staff List

  • Model_Shizuka Ishibashi <plage>
  • Photograph_Shota Kouno
  • Styling_Kaoru Watanabe
  • Hair_Amano
  • Makeup_Yoshikazu Miyamoto <benatural>
  • Art Director_Hayato Hirohara <kayumi inc.>
  • Location Bus_Kawaguchi<awanokikaku>